There are two types of dieters who come to me....

Women who feel stuck on a perpetual diet and need permission to eat.

...permission to eat more and permission to enjoy food again.

If you want to feel good in your body, you have to eat enough. 

One of the biggest mistakes I made was trying to force weight loss without realizing I was working with an over-dieted body and slowed metabolism. 

Getting to a place where you allow food to work for you and start eating more requires releasing a lot of old beliefs and developing new ones. 

And the best way to get there is to learn how to reconnect with your body and start nourishing it with more real food. 

By eating more and eating enough without fear. 

And eating more of the right foods = a stronger metabolism. 

This is the first step to feeling good again and what we'll focus on inside Permission to Eat.

Women who yo-yo on and off diets and need to release the weight without obsession.

When your body is nourished, you won't feel the need to overeat. 

When you change your relationship to food and your body, you won't feel obsessed. 

Instead you'll feel satisfied and you'll feel free.

Successful weight loss isn't just about diet and exercise.

It's about your strategy so you don't feel trapped into eating less and moving more to maintain your weight. 

It's about your mindset and self development so you actually feel happy on the other side. 

It's about knowing that you're worth it and that your success is inevitable. 

And if you would love step by step support, it's what I'll guide you through inside Weight Loss Without Obsession. 

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I'm Ready


Enjoying food again

The new me gives me permission to eat healthy food even if it's sweets or carbs...I am learning to give myself permission to do things I want. Moderation is key.  The old me would have hid it in the fridge and after midnight come back for them and then feel guilty for weeks on end. 

- Shirley W., Consultant

Goodbye deprivation and quarantine weight

My weight is down 8-10 pounds from pre-pandemic and I'm better able to manage stress and an overactive mind... I don't treat food like a bad thing anymore-- everything in moderation and make note of how you feel when you eat certain things.  I don't feel like I'm failing at a "diet" because I'm just being mindful about what I eat and I don't have to "sneak" snacks because I'm not coming from a deprivation mindset. 

- Lauren K., Marketing Director

Getting consistent

I have way less cravings and basically for the first time ever I am staying consistent on my weight instead of my usual lose weight and gain it all back again.  Also feel happier about the girls because I know they are eating better quality things.

- Stephanie L., Real Estate Agent & Small Business Owner