...helping you feel good in your body and end dieting.


It's not you, it's your diet.

Have you ever noticed that your new diet always comes along with it's own set of problems?

Like cravings, guilt around eating 'off plan' and feeling like a failure when you can't control your own body?

When we rely on the restriction of entire food groups, resort to skipping meals or simply not eating enough, it's natural for our bodies to wonder what the heck is going on or even resist weight loss.

When you nourish your body with the fuel it needs, everything will start to fall into place. 

The goal is not to simply 'eat less and move more' but to eat and move in a way that supports your metabolism.

To focus on feeling good and let food work for you, not against you ;)

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Welcome! I'm Kathleen

...recovering dieter, functional nutrition advocate and certified holistic health coach.

I spent almost 15 years bouncing between all of the diets, in search of what would finally help me find health and feel confident in my body. 

So let me go ahead and confirm that carbs are not the enemy.  There is no 'right' diet. Weight loss is a poor reason to exercise. And your body needs sunshine and joy as much as it needs fruits and vegetables. 

It's my mission to help you get heathy without all the dogmatic diet rules.

So you can feel free around food and your body and live life on your own terms. 

Let's get to work ;)

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